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Fantastic Customer Service

Here at Trabasack, the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. That's why we would like you to feel free to Contact Us with any queries or questions anytime.
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Quality, British Designed Products

Trabasack lap desk bags were designed with usability, quality and durability in mind – we're proud of our creation and assure you a high-quality, innovative product with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
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Fast, Reliable UK Delivery

Orders will be posted to you within 1 working day, and delivered securely via Royal Mail 2nd Class within 2-3 working days. If you need your items quicker, please contact us for info about our value-for-money next-day courier service.

Trabasack Mini and Mini Connect

Image shows the tray side of the Trabasack Mini

The Trabasack Mini is a lightweight, compact briefcase with a firm, steady lap desk built-in to one side - the ideal companion for working on-the-go. The Trabasack Mini Connect, like the Curve Connect, features the unique Trabasack “Connect” velcro-receptive desk tray surface, to ensure items can be secured without them falling off or getting lost.

Trabasack Curve and Curve Connect

Front View of the Trabasack Curve lap desk bag

The Trabasack range features a selection of British-designed, practical travel and work bags with a built-in lap desk on one side.

The Curve has an ergonomic shape to fit snug around the waist, making it ideal for commuting and wheelchair users. The Curve Connect features the same, unique ergonomic design as the Curve, with the added bonus of a velcro-receptive lap tray surface, allowing you to securely attach items to the desk without fear of them falling off.

Trabasack Max with Harris Tweed

Front view of the Trabasack Max

The Trabasack Max is our most luxurious, spacious business bag with an expandable internal compartment, and organised zip and document pockets. The Trabasack Max also features our practical and useful built-in lap desk built-in to one side, making it perfect for business travel and short trips. Available in two trims - the classic, stylish black trim and the luxurious, hand-woven genuine Harris Tweed trim.


Trabasack – Innovative Wheelchair Tray and Bag-in-One

“[When I first discovered the Trabasack] I thought “what a good idea“! Within 5 minutes use I wondered how I’d managed without it. It’s a quite brilliant product and has already revolutionised my life.”


Image is a photograph of a lady wearing a peach-coloured, ribbed jumper, sitting in a wheelchair with a purple trim Trabasack Curve on her lap, using a laptop on the desk surface

Trabasack – Quality, British designed wheelchair tray and bag-in-one

“I last mentioned the Trabasack back in November, I was extremely impressed with the concept, execution and overall feel of the product and now that I’ve had some more time to use it, I continue to be impressed with it. Lastly, I was able to share the Trabasack recently at the ICE conference and it was a big hit! I really can’t say enough about this product.”

Patrick Black, USA

Trabasack Mini lap desk and bag with cup and note book

Trabasack Mini – the ideal travel companion!

“Just been on a train journey, Trabasack table was perfect to eat sandwiches off, after being at my writing desk in a meeting.”

Hannah Ensor

Young man sitting upon the floor using the Trabasack Mini upon his lap for his laptop

Trabasack Mini

“I received my Trabasack Mini in the mail today! It is all you said and more! I am thrilled with it and my little laptop fits in it perfectly. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!”


purple trabasack curve

Trabasack Lapdesk Bags – Take them anywhere!

“I have brought my Trabasack all the way to Australia with me! I love it! I use it as a picnic/laptop/playing cards table and goes with me to the beach, too! I also turn it upside down and sit on the bean bag side when I am at the park (way better than a damp bottom when sitting on the grass).”

Ashley Montana-Pickering

Front view of the Trabasack Max

Trabasack Max – Ultimate business bag and lap table in one

“I use my Trabasack for work. Not only is it very functional, but I particularly like it’s design and colours. Like other users/owners of a Trabasack, I too use it to sit on as well as a lap table.”

Jay Lane

Image is a photograph of the Trabasack Curve with purple trim with a blue laptop on the tray surface

Trabasack – for Work and Play

“I’m a student and have one of each – they’re just right for lectures, seminars, field work etc, spot on for revision/studying out and about. As a video-artist I also use them for carrying equipment around for performances. I freaking love Trabasacks!”

Martyn-John Hill

Front View of the Trabasack Curve lap desk bag

Trabasack Curve

“My Trabasack has become an essential part of my work life, allowing me to leave the office with my netbook and work comfortably in the park, on the beach or anywhere. I no longer require a level surface, need to balance the computer on my legs or have to suffer the heat from the power supply underneath, I have my own mini desk which also acts as a great little carry bag. I can’t wait to try it out with an iPad.”

Steve Bjorck

Brian sits outdoors on stone steps, smiling to the camera, he is surrounded by lots of local children whilst he illustrates drawings on using his Trabasack lap desk

Trabasack Max

“I am loving my groovy Trabasack. As a professional cartoonist I find it so useful to lean on when I am out and about, or travelling on the train. I don’t need to carry a heavy book or drawing board anymore and it stores all my pens, pencils and drawing paper. I shall recommend it to my fellow professionals when we meet up at our annual shindig. And my one is a cool and sexy black version!”

Brian Adcock

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