If you have any problems accessing the information on this site, please call us on 0800 567 7812 or email duncan at

I can also always be reached quickly using twitter @trabasack

We are working towards a fully accessible site, please contact us to let us know of any problems you have.

We do have some wordpress sites that may have useful information and be more accessible:


Special Interest sites for Trabasack Users Using trabasack for ipads and tablets as a general use laptop and tablet bag for business and leisure use trabasack is widely used for beadwork, embroidery, and other crafts, and has been featured in Craftseller magazine children in buggies and car seats – special interest site for wheelchair users, news and other information – ideas for sensory play and using trabasack as a play tray and mount particularly for disabled children ideas and news for people who use communication aids and assistive technology. trabasack makes a great low cost mount for switches and other assistive technology devices and environmental controls for gaming ideas, technology and news for people with disabilities

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