Image of an elderly gentleman sat in a wheelchair resting a cup upon the tray surface of his Trabasack curve

USA info – Curve Wheelchair Tray

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Trabasack Curve: A safe, accessible and stylish alternative to traditional wheelchair trays.


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Image of a Trabasack Curve firstly, hung over the handles of a wheelchair, secondly around the waist of an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair, and thirdly on its own, with a cup and apple on the tray surface


Built-in to one side of the Curve you will find a durable, firm lap tray surface which is kept perfectly balanced and steady due to the internal, removable bean bag inserts.
The lightweight design puts minimal pressure upon your lap whilst in use, and the bean bag inserts ensure the Curve is comfortable and provides a reliable, steady wheelchair tray – perfect for use at home or out and about.

Image of Trabasack Curve tray surfaceThere are so many fantastic useful and accessible features included in the design of each Trabasack wheelchair tray bag, so let’s have a look at the main ones:

• Soft, padded design
Although the Curve features a durable, firm lap tray surface, the bag itself is designed to be as safe as possible for those who suffer seizures. The Trabasack Curve has no hard edges: the rounded, padded sides ensure that children or adults who use it can not hurt themselves if a seizure does occur.

• Easy to fit and remove
The Curve features quick-release, large-size buckles that can be located with ease and undone or fitted with the simple click of a buckle in a matter of seconds. The straps included with the Curve make it easy to fit the lap tray bag to wheelchairs, buggies and chairs, and the ability to change the positioning of the straps means it can be worn in a number of ways – around the waist as a wheelchair lap tray, over the handles of your wheelchair as a carry-bag, in the hand in a briefcase style, or as a backpack or messenger bag.

• Easy to access, handy carry bag and lap tray in one Image of the Trabasack Curve slightly open to reveal the internal compartment
Trabasack Curve features a spacious internal storage pocket, which can be accessed via the easy-to-use large ring-pull zips. The internal bag compartment of the Curve is the perfect size for carrying medicines and seizure control, along with other daily essentials such as keys, wallets, iPads and even your lunch. It also features a separate internal zip-pocket to ensure you stay organised whilst on the go.

• Innovative, ergonomic design
As the name will suggest, the Trabasack Curve has been designed with a curved shape that fits safe and snug around the waist when in use – helping to provide a comfortable experience, whilst also ensuring that items will not get stuck between the body and tray.

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4 different images of a Curve Connect with orange trim, each one shows different toys attached to the tray surface

The Curve Connect:

A bright, fun and practical wheelchair and play tray.

Image of a young boy in a buggy, using the Trabasack Curve Connect with blue trim, as a sensory play trayThe Curve Connect includes all the fantastic, accessible assets of the original Curve wheelchair tray and bag, with the added feature of a soft, velcro-receptive tray surface.

The Curve Connect’s unique tray surface allows you to attach and secure all types of items to the top, totally eradicating the fear of them falling-off or getting lost.

By simply attaching our self-adhesive hook tapes to everything from books, cups and toys – you can safely and securely fix them to the tray surface, providing you peace of mind whilst allowing little ones to play, learn and discover independently.
Image of an ipad being held secure and upright on a Trabasack Curve Connect wheelchair tray using a Trabasack Media MountThe lightweight design of the Curve Connect, teamed with the internal, removable bean bag inserts make the wheelchair tray and bag perfect for little knees – keeping laps comfortable when in use, whilst also remaining steady and sturdy.

The straps included with the Curve Connect allow you to attach the wheelchair tray and bag to buggies, highchairs and car seats with ease, and the spacious internal pocket provides plenty of room for medication, toys, books, diapers and more.

Image of Trabasack Curve Connect wheelchair tray bags lined up, each one with a different colour trim
Available in a choice of 4 fresh and fun color trims, the Curve Connect is the most versatile, fun and practical wheelchair tray for kids on the market.