Image of a man holding Trabasack Mini briefcase in one hand, an iphone in the other

Men’s Work and Leisure Lapdesk Bag

Style and Function – A Unique Design

Image of man using Apple laptop on a Trabasack lap desk bagTrabasack is an essential part of my work life, I leave the office with my macbook and work comfortably in the park, on the beach or anywhere. I don’t need a desk, or to balance the computer on my legs or suffer the heat from the power supply underneath.
A great little carry bag, also brilliant for my iPad.

Steve Bjorck, 3D Animator, Eggbox Studios

“Work and Play anywhere –

The Trabasack Tablet Bag and Lapdesk”

Image of young man carrying a Trabasack in a briefcase style in one hand, white Apple iPhone in the otherIf you want style and function, with a hard-wearing tablet bag you can rely on for work, gaming and networking, the Trabasack Mini features the most innovative and stylish design on the market.

Each tablet bag includes a built-in lap desk – a flat and steady surface that can be used for resting your tablet or netbook on, writing or even taking lunch on the go.

The Trabasack tablet bag and lap desk transforms the monotony of the daily commute, eliminates the hassle of working on the go and gives you the freedom to work or play via your favourite technology no matter what the location.

As seen in Channel 4, PC Gamer Magazine, Daily Express and Radio 2

  • Young man uses Trabasack tablet bag and lap desk for working and listening to iPodInternal beanbag and tough tray surface protects and cushions.
  • Lapdesk for working on the go
  • Award winning British design
  • Hard wearing, created for endurance
  • Ultimate in functionality – can be worn as a satchel, messenger bag or rucksack
  • Unique and cool, built-in features unseen on any other tablet bag on the market

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Suitable for tablets, 15in laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks  33 cms x 25 cms x 7.5cm