Trabasack Customer Gallery

Image is a photograph of Elizabeth Gwilliam wearing a colourful stripy top, in a wheelchair using the Trabasack Mini as a wheelchair tray for her cup of tea and remote control

Elizabeth Gwilliam – writer

Image is a photograph of Sasha using the Curve Connect to play video games using switches and a joystick

Sasha – SpecialEffect
SpecialEffect Charity

Fred sits in his wheelchair, using the Trabasack on his lap to pot flowers in his garden

Fred Walden

Dr Edworthy is sat in front of an audience gesturing with his hands whilst talking, he has a Trabasack Mini with paper and pen on his lap

Dr Mark Edworthy – Scientist and public speaker

Victor sits in his buggy, smiling to the camera, with a Trabasack on his lap with books and toys attached to it

Victor playing in his buggy with Curve Connect

Bernie sits in a high-back chair, using the Trabasacking Curve Connect pink trim to aid crafting with thread

Clare’s mum Bernie embroidering

Brian sits outdoors on stone steps, smiling to the camera, he is surrounded by lots of local children whilst he illustrates drawings on using his Trabasack lap desk

Brian Adcock
Cartoonist of the Year 2010

Ruth sits in her wheelchair, smiling to the camera with a Trabasack Max and book on her lap, behind her is a large display for Virya Group Ethical Technology Solutions

Ruth Cheesley
Virya Technologies

Mark is sitting in a wheelchair with a wry expression, he is wearing a Cowboy-style straw hat, placing a can of beer on the tray surface of the Trabasack Mini on his lap

Shakedown VIP Lounge

Clare sits in her powerchair in the front row of the cinema, it is dark and she has a soft drink resting on the tray of her Trabasack

Clare enjoying a film at the cinema!

Joe is sat in his buggy, wearing a blue jacket, his hands are touching the mosaics that are placed in a tray on the Trabasack attached to his buggy

Joe playing with mosaics at a Roman ruins

Trabasack Customer Kati Lea using her Trabasack Lap Desk Bag with a Lightwriter

Kati Lea with her Toby Lightwriter

Clare Edwards smiles to the camera at a Thai restaurant, on her lap is a Trabasack Max which Clare is using as a table to dine from traditional blue and white oriental bowls

Clare dining at a lovely Thai restaurant

Trabasack Customer at Glastonbury Festival looking away from camera, with revellers milling in the background

“Dog in a Sink”

A man wearing a black t-shirt, with brown hair and glasses, is pictured moving down a suburban street in a powerchair, with a Trabasack Curve on his lap


Steven wears a purple shirt, looks to the camera with a dead-pan expression, whilst pressing a button on his Korg which is mounted on a Trabasack Curve Connect

Steven Peavis
Brett Domino Trio

Steven and Brett are sat on a sofa with red painted walls behind them, their heads are tilted down looking at a Trabasack Mini green trim and Curve Connect orange trim held towards the camera

Brett Domino
Brett Domino Trio

Olan is sat in a wheelchair with a Trabasack on his lap, conversing with a lady whilst Clare smiles to the camera

Olan McGowan – Irish RTE Radio producer

A toddler girl with blonde hair concentrates on using a tablet pc on top of a Curve Connect

Tiny Trabasaxon tests her tablet skills!

Charlotte has her back to the camera, using a pink trim Trabasack Curve to compose music, whilst surrounded by various musicians with their instruments

Charlotte White
Musician – Enable Us

Eleanor looks towards the camera, holding a Trabasack Max in her hands, whilst riding on a bus

Eleanor Lisney
Sisters of Frida blog

Thank you to all our wonderful Trabasaxons for their photo contributions!

If you would like your image featured in our gallery, simply email your image to

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