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Special Interest sites for Trabasack Users Using trabasack for ipads and tablets for crafts and hobbies as a general use laptop and tablet bagfor business and leisure use children in buggies and car seats – special interest site for wheelchair users, news and other information – ideas for sensory play and using trabasack as a play tray and mount particularly for disabled children ideas and news for people who use communication aids and assistive technology. trabsack makes a great low cost mount for switchesand other assistive technology devices and environmental controls for gaming ideas, technology and news for people with disabilities

We also have a webstore that sells many other useful products that enhance peoples daily lives at

And a blog that reviews gadgets and new products, as well as providing health information at

We also like the work being done by the following companies:

Freedom Wheelchair Skills – Peer-led teaching of everyday skills and techniques to get the most out of life while using a wheelchair.

Freedom wheelchair skill, teaching newly injured people how to use a wheelchair

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