New Media Mount Launched

The brand new Trabasack Media Mount is a multipurpose mounting device launched this month and adds a further functionality to the original Trabasack range. The Media Mount can be positioned in many different ways to support all manner of electrical and household items from iPads and Kindles to mobile phones, remote controls and even to steady a bottle of water or cup. Image of orange trim Trabasack Curve Connect laptray bag with remote control being held by a Media Mount

The Media Mount is designed to be used with either of the original Trabasack lap tray products complete with the soft ‘Connect’ tray top. The Media Mount is made of a soft hook and loop receptive material, along with a Velcro strip attached to one side, meaning that it fits perfectly onto the Connect tray surface and can also be manipulated easily into many different shapes to achieve the right angle and hold for the object you’re trying to support. Fitted with easy to grip grab handles manipulating the Media Mount is extremely straightforward and this innovative new product is a perfectly designed accessory for any Trabasack user.

Positive Reviews Already Pouring In

Image of a Trabasack Media Mount holding an iPad uprightIn the production phase of the Media Mount, the Trabasack team sent out prototypes to some of the tech and gadget early adopters and bloggers, to get some early feedback, and garnering positive reviews almost as soon as the product launch date was released. One reviewer described the Mount as ‘very good with the iPad’ as well as ‘an excellent wrist support for typing with a keyboard’ which truly shows that an originally fantastic product in the form of the Trabasack can be even further enhanced and improved. AT tech reviewer Kati Lea concluded with the shining statement that ‘it’s an excellent product, multi-functional & well thought out. It adds further functionality to the original Trabasack…without adding extra weight to it’.  Inclusive design professional Alasdair Somerville described it as “a truly inclusive design”.

Small Business on the up

Since their establishment in 2007, Equip-able Ltd the parent company of the Trabasack products has seen interest in their range grow and grow. Initially trading solely from their base in Leicestershire, the product range has several international distributors and can now be found and purchased across the world including USA, Germany, New Zealand and France. Much of their success is down to an active and personable team who are at the forefront of social media and technology, interacting with customers and never afraid to work with customers to develop new and interesting uses and applications for their product range.

The Media Mount is just the latest development and certainly enhances a product that is extremely useful in many different circumstances. Winning a Style Award at the NAIDEX National NEC, an exhibition specifically for supporting independent living and health, Trabasack is product which spans many markets but has seen much growth in the disability and health care sector. The Media Mount is a product which makes Trabasack lap trays much more accessible for many wheelchair users and those with other disabilities who may have previous had difficulty keeping their electronic devices and other accessories safe and secure. It also makes the trabasack even more attractive to users of iPads and tablets generally, particularly children and people who find tablets awkward to hold for long periods.

The first Media Mounts are available and can currently be purchased from our shop with the official launch taking place at the Mobility Roadshow 21st-23rd June in Peterborough.