Trabasack Curve

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  1. Ergonomic Design: Snugly fits around the waist, ensuring comfort and stability for dining and activities.
  2. Versatile Functionality: Doubles as a stylish travel bag and a sturdy lap desk, ideal for a variety of uses.
  3. Accessible Storage: Easy-to-reach bag space allows for convenient storage and retrieval of personal items without assistance.
  4. Universal Wheelchair Compatibility: Designed to fit almost any wheelchair model, eliminating the need for custom-made trays.
  5. Stigma-Free and Stylish: Looks like a fashionable bag, offering functionality without drawing unwanted attention.
  6. Lightweight and Durable: Made from hardwearing, shower-proof materials, providing a practical yet comfortable user experience.


The Trabasack Curve: A Revolutionary Combination of Travel Bag and Lap Desk

Elevate your on-the-go experience with the Trabasack Curve, an award-winning fusion of a versatile lap desk and a stylish travel bag. Designed for the dynamic individual, this innovative product transforms your mobile work, dining, or play into a seamless and comfortable experience, no matter your location.

Key Features of the Trabasack Curve:

  • Built-In Lap Desk: Offers a sturdy and steady PVC surface, perfect for various activities. The faux-leather, easy-to-clean black surface, enhanced with a slightly raised foam rim, helps to keep items from falling off, ensuring hassle-free use.
  • Ergonomic Design: Crafted to fit snugly around your waist, the Trabasack Curve guarantees total comfort and stability during use, making it an ideal companion for both work and leisure.
  • Removable Bean Bag Cushion: Inside each Trabasack Curve is a thoughtfully included bean bag cushion, removable for your convenience. This feature helps keep the lap tray level and mitigates any discomfort from the heat of laptops or netbooks.
  • Versatile Carrying Options: Adapt the Trabasack Curve to your style or need of the hour. It comes with both long and short straps, easily attachable and detachable, allowing it to be carried as a briefcase, satchel, messenger bag, or rucksack. The long straps can be used around the waist to secure it like a bumbag.
  • Chair Attachment Functionality: The shorter straps are designed for attaching the bag to various types of armrests, wheelchairs, car seats, or buggies. This makes the Trabasack Curve an indispensable tool for dining anywhere for people of all ages.
  • Durable and Practical Materials: Constructed from hardwearing fabrics, the Trabasack Curve is both machine-washable and shower-proof. This blend of durability and practicality ensures that it stands up to the demands of everyday use while retaining its stylish appeal.

The Trabasack Curve is more than just a lap desk or a travel bag; it’s a versatile lifestyle accessory that brings together functionality, style, and comfort, making it essential for anyone who values efficiency and elegance on the move.

Enhancing Accessibility with the Trabasack Curve: A Wheelchair User’s Ideal Companion

The Trabasack Curve is not just a lap desk or a travel bag; it’s a revolutionary tool designed to significantly improve the quality of life for wheelchair users. Its multifaceted design addresses common challenges faced by individuals in wheelchairs, making it an indispensable accessory for a wide range of activities.

Eating with Ease and Independence

  • Overcoming Table Accessibility Issues: With the Trabasack Curve, wheelchair users can comfortably eat without needing to reach a table or fit their legs under it. This feature is especially useful in restaurants or public spaces where table accessibility can be a challenge.
  • Convenient Dining in Crowded Areas: In busy environments like pubs and cafes, the Trabasack Curve offers personal dining space, eliminating the struggle to navigate to inaccessible tables.

Practicality and Independence

  • Accessible Storage and Retrieval: The Trabasack Curve allows users to easily carry and access items stored in the bag space from their lap, reducing dependence on carers for retrieving or storing personal items.
  • Universal Fit for Various Wheelchairs: Unlike bespoke trays designed for specific wheelchair models, the Trabasack Curve’s versatile design makes it suitable for nearly any chair, providing a universally adaptable solution.

Social and Comfort Benefits

  • Easy to Wear and Remove: This lap desk bag is designed for quick and effortless mounting and dismounting, avoiding the social barriers often associated with fixed, rigid trays.
  • Stigma-Free Design: Resembling a stylish bag, the Trabasack Curve eliminates any stigma around carrying a large lap tray, blending seamlessly into any setting.

Safety and Convenience for Travel

  • Safe for Use in Vehicles: The Trabasack Curve is a safe option for use while travelling in a car, offering a stable surface for eating or engaging in activities during road trips.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Its design prioritizes comfort and ease of use, making it lightweight and convenient for extended use.

Versatility for Leisure Activities

  • Ideal for Picnics and Outdoor Activities: The Trabasack Curve is perfect for picnics and outdoor leisure, providing a stable surface in any setting.
  • Facilitating Arts and Crafts: Wheelchair users can engage in arts and crafts with ease, thanks to the stable and accessible surface of the Trabasack Curve.

Incorporating the Trabasack Curve into daily life empowers wheelchair users with greater independence, comfort, and versatility. Whether it’s for dining, working, travelling, or leisure, the Trabasack Curve redefines the experience of using a wheelchair tray, making every activity more accessible and enjoyable.

Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 39 × 37 × 8 cm

Easy ring pull zips, grab handles, and multi strap options. Internal zip pocket. Swivel clips on the luggage straps and quick release buckles. Machine washable 30 degrees.

Colour Trim

Classic Black, Purple


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