Greeper Thomas the Tank Engine Laces


  • “Once Applied – Always Tied” Laces that remain permanently fastened
  • Fun Thomas the Tank Engine design, perfect for children who struggle to tie their own laces
  • Can be adjusted, tightened or loosened without the need to unfasten
  • Allows those with physical disabilities to adapt everyday lace shoes without relying on Velcro fastenings
  • Simple and easy to use – inclusive design to simplify the act of tying shoe laces
  • No more bending to tie laces – Ideal for those suffering painful conditions such as Arthritis


Greeper shoe laces are an extraordinary feat in modern inclusive design – shoes laces that remain constantly tied no matter what conditions they’re put under.

The ease of use and simplicity of these laces means that the need to bend and struggle with fastening shoes laces is completely removed, making them ideal for those with painful physical conditions, those with disabilities and people whom struggle with dexterity and motor skills.

The Thomas the Tank Engine edition of the Greeper laces feature a fun Thomas motif that will really appeal to children, and the innovative stay-tied functionality is ideal for children with autism or additional needs, who need a little extra help with keeping their laces safely tied.

These innovative laces have been used and truly tested by a number of world champion athletes including Chrissie Wellington MBE, Rachel Joyce and Tom Lowe – proving that Greeper laces can withstand even the toughest sporting activities and conditions. Greeper laces will fit all types of footwear, including trainers, plimsoles and school shoes. Whether you enjoy running, tennis or golf, or just require a little help with your laces, Greepers enable your shoes to remain tight and fastened without the worry of laces becoming undone.

Additional information

Weight 59 g
Dimensions 120 cm

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