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Slimline and lightweight

The Trabasack Mini is a super slim lap tray bag but big enough for iPads, most notebook/netbook computers and smaller laptops. It looks like a smart briefcase or messenger bag and can be worn as a rucksack or shoulder bag. It has, of course, got a firm leather feel surface on one side, and a bean bag cushion insert on the other,  achieving a level surface wherever you want one.
It comes is in pastel green, beige, orange or all black. The orange and black options are available in the special ‘Connect’  tray surface for easily attaching anything that you wish to Velcro on it!


A lady climbs a rock whilst wearing a Trabasack Mini lap tray bag with yellow trim   Image of the outdoors, with a cup resting safely upon the tray surface of the Trabasack Mini laptray bag with yellow trim   Image of a Trabasack Mini lap desk bag




Take it anywhere!

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