Image shows yellow Nimble cutting tool in bright pink packaging
Image shows a man's hands with the Nimble on the end of his right index finger, slicing open an item of post in a polythene-type envelopeImage shows a pair of hands using the Nimble cutting tool on the end of the right index finger to slice open a packet of baconImage shows the Nimble on the end of an index finger cutting through the tape on a sealed delivery boxTwo images side-by-side, showing the Nimble attached to an index finger, slicing open a bag of salad on the left, and a packet of sausage rolls on the rightImage shows a woman's arm extended out to the left, with a Nimble attached to the index fingerImage shows the Nimble lying on its side on a plain white surface, with the inside of the Nimble visibleImage shows a close-up, side view of the Nimble which is made of yellow rubber with a grey tip housing the small safety bladeImage shows close up of the tip of Nimble where the blade is housed

Nimble Cutting Tool


Nimble is a compact and simple cutting device which has been designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind. The Nimble fits to the end of the finger tip much in the same way you would use a thimble, and atop of the secure yellow rubber body of the Nimble is a safe yet sharp ceramic blade. Very safe, it is difficult to cut yourself using it. Scroll below the images to read more.


One fingered package opener

Even though the blade of the Nimble is sharp enough to slice and score through many materials (including paper, food packaging, polythene and more) its size and design ensure that the user remains safe whilst it is in use.  It is very difficult to hurt yourself using a nimble  – the tiny blade is housed in a small, flexible rubber tip, and is so small that your skin folds, move around it! I know it sounds incredible but it really is an amazing little cutting tool.
A nimble safety cutter opening a pack of bacon

Open packs from the fridge with ease

The Nimble has countless uses both in and out of the house, from slicing open a package from the fridge or opening letters and parcels. It is the ideal tool for a plethora of everyday home tasks and can also be used for crafts or getting creative with your children (supervision required but the Nimble is much safer for kids than scissors or craft knives).
When worn on the end of your finger, the lightweight and portable aspect of the Nimble allows you to go from task-to-task without the need to take it off. Perfect for opening food packaging and delivery tape on boxes, to scoring and slicing through paper for craft purposes, wrapping gifts or opening letters – the Nimble is a sharp yet safe choice for everyone and a new option for anyone who struggles with scissors or knives.
a parcel opener being used to cut a coupon from a magazine

Safely cut coupons or open letters and parcels

Additional information

Weight18.1 g
Dimensions9.7 x 7.4 x 2.5 cm

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