Swetwipes anti-bacterial body wipes

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Having a disability can have an impact on your self-care. Washing and keeping on top of your hygiene can be difficult. In the worst case, poor hygiene can lead to sores and skin problems developing.

Swetwipes antibacterial body wipes are designed for people that are unable to shower due to their disability, to ensure that their hygiene is fully maintained and they always feel fresh and comfortable.

If you have a condition like chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, MS, or mobility issues, Swetwipes can help take the pressure off having a shower,  providing a safe way of managing your personal hygiene.

Swetwipes are:

  • Extra soft, thick, premium body wipes
  • Gentle and anti-bacterial, to neutralise odours while being kind to your skin
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Light unisex coconut scent
  • Plastic-free and biodegradable

Swetwipes would also work well for people who need to be bed washed. These anti-bacterial wipes will help to eradicate odour problems, sores and are great for cleaning skin folds.

Keen travellers would benefit from Swetwipes, as it would be quick and easy to freshen up during a long car journey or flight. Maybe you’re visiting a venue or a hotel with poor bathroom facilities, and in that case, Swetwipes would enable you to feel fresh and clean without the need for a shower.

The SwetWipes can be bought as a single pack of 12 or as a bundle of 5 packs.


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Single Pack, 5 Pack Bundle

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