T-Pull Door Closer – Wheelchair Accessible Handle, Interior or Exterior, Durable, Swivels

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  • Makes door closing easy for people with mobility challenges
  • Easy to install. Clean, peel and stick to the door with the extremely sticky adhesive supplied
  • Made from durable and high-quality materials with care in Canada. The durable plastic withstands overuse and a variety of environments and temperatures
  • Ergonomic, swivelling handle tucks against the door when not in use. The handle provides the right leverage for closing the door from outside the door frame with little effort.
  • The T-pull door closer acts as a manual door close, no more rushing to beat the spring loaded door or struggling to close the door on the way out. Close the door when you are ready.
  • An ideal aid for wheelchair users, people with walkers and mobility aids.
  • Optional screws included for permanent installation

The T-Pull door closer is a brilliant daily living aid for wheelchair users and people with mobility disabilities. The T-Pull puts an end to those awkward moments, physical strain and loss of dignity that comes from struggling to close your door.

Whether it’s the front door, the bathroom door or anywhere, closing a door involves an awkward and uncomfortable reach that takes time and causes immense strain. The T-Pull door closer is a simple solution.

After the T-pull door closer has been fitted with its easy fit adhesive, the T-Pull provides an ergonomic durable handle to give yourself an easy time when closing your door. When you’re finished, the T-Pull neatly tucks away when not in use. Simple to use and fit. Less strain and wasted time. And more independence!

To learn more about the T-Pull door closer, see FAQs below, as well as a demo video and diagram.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the T-Pull made?

Each one is cast, drilled, assembled, and shipped by hand in Ottawa, Canada.

We live in an area with extreme hot and cold weather, how long does the adhesive last?

We have had the T-Pull installed on an exterior door with only the supplied adhesive in Canadian climate (-40C to- +40C) since 2015 and it is still being used everyday.

Do we need screws?

The screws are supplied as extra support for heavy wood or metal exterior doors. The idea behind not using screws is for ease of use and so far, we have not had to use screws for any installation – metal or wood, interior or exterior.

How are they installed?

Short answer is: Peel and stick. Take a look at the installation manual for details.


T-pull diagram, reads: Ergonomically designed, tucks away when not in use, durable materials, easy to install


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