Single Uriwell Happy Pee Portable Urinal for Children

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  • Expandable and portable urinal for kids – ideal for toilet training toddlers and older children with autism and SEN
  • Compact design can easily be carried in your bag or kept in glove compartment of car
  • Fun, friendly frog design that really appeals to children
  • Holds up to 375ml of liquid, and will remain tightly sealed to avoid spillage
  • Ergonomic shape is suitable for both girls and boys

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The Uriwell Happy Pee is a super-convenient portable urinal for children that allows little ones to avoid “accidents” whilst out-and-about.

Ideal for toilet training, the Happy Pee features a fun frog design that immediately appeals to children, and the ergonomic design means it will provide a stress-free, comfortable experience for both girls and boys.

The expandable concertina shape of the Happy Pee is compact and lightweight, allowing you to easily store it away in your handbag, luggage or car, yet safely and securely hold up to 375ml of liquid. The leak-proof lid ensures that no spillage will occur, even when stored on its side, providing you with a sanitary and handy solution to toilet training whilst on-the-go.

The Happy Pee is especially useful for those with children with SEN and autism, who may be learning to toilet-train a little later than expected. If your child has communication delays and struggles to tell you when they need the toilet whilst out-and-about, it might be the case you find it difficult to find a toilet in good time. The Happy Pee can be popped in your bag and used quickly and easily in any location, alleviating some of the stress of toilet-training older children.

Can be used in a whole manner of situations, and is ideal for hospitals, wheelchair users and children who are potty training.


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