Uriwell Portable Adult Urinal

£9.95 Inc. VAT

  • Lightweight and durable – ideal for camping, travel and whilst on-the-go
  • Compact, discreet pocket-sized design – perfect for travel abroad or avoiding using uncleanly public toilets
  • Expandable shape – will hold 750ml of liquid, great for potty training
  • Unisex, ergonomic design – close fit that keeps spillages at bay
  • Tight fitting, secure lid – avoid leaks when not in use

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The Uriwell range of portable, personal toilets are an ingenious yet low-tech life saver – offering you a urinal to-hand whilst on-the-go.

The Uriwell portable urinal includes many useful features, making it ideal not only for travel and camping, but ensuring you are never “caught short” again.
The ergonomic shape of the top ensures a snug and safe fit when in use, to provide peace of mind that no spillage will occur. The lid also remains tightly fitted when not in use, and the durable plastic design means that the Uriwell remains leak-free at all times, even when stored on its side.

The corrugated, concertina design allows the Uriwell portable toilet to be collapsed into a pocket-sized shape, but can be cleverly expanded when needed to accommodate up to 750ml of liquid.

The lightweight, durable design of the Uriwell portable urinal makes it ideal for travel, road trips and camping, the small size taking up little room and weight in your luggage, and providing you with a personal toilet no matter the location.

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