Switch and Communication Device Mount

Image of a Talking Point Switch and Symbol with Media Mount as Wrist SupportThe Trabasack Media Mount is a multi-purpose, innovative new addition to the range of accessories available for the Connect range of play tray and lapdesk bags. Created to hold almost any item firm and steady upon the tray side of the Curve Connect, the Media Mount makes the ideal aid for using switches and communication devices.

The Media Mount is flexible and fully-adjustable, and can be wrapped around almost any item that you desire to attach to the tray surface of the Curve Connect. Each Image of a lady using a smart phone mounted using the Media Mount upon a Curve Connect laptray bagMedia Mount is made from Velcro receptive material and also features a Velcro strip along one side, which means that you can achieve the perfect fit for your switch or communication device by twisting and shaping the Media Mount with ease. The accessible grab handles also allow the Media Mount to be positioned and manoevered without difficulty.

There are almost endless uses for the Media Mount; not only can it hold communication devices such as iPads and tablet computers upright at the perfect angle, but it can also be wrapped around switches, toys and other accessories to ensure they do not fall from the tray surface whilst in use. The lightweight, soft design of the Media Mount allows you to create Image of an iPad being held upright using a Media Mount upon a Trabasack Curve Connect bagextra comfort whilst using keyboards or switches, and can be shaped to provide a wrist support for typing or a guide/target area for switch use.

The compact design of the Media Mount ensures you don’t need to rely on heavy or bulky equipment for switch mounting, and the Media Mount can be stored in the Curve Connect bag, along with switches and communication devices when not in use.

Image of a Media Mount being used as a switch guide upon a Trabasack Curve Connect Laptray bag