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Man using a Trabasack Walking Desk with a Sont Vaio laptop

Walking Laptop Desk Bag

Keep Connected to Your Work Whilst Away from the Desk Trabasack Walking Laptop Desk A busy work environment calls for busy staff – in warehouse environments, active office spaces and beyond, many members of staff, especially those in coordinating roles, regularly find themselves away from the desk, which can make keeping up-to-date with electronic communication and […]

Image of a lady sat outside a pub, using the Trabasack as a wheelchair tray for dining-out

Wheelchair Food Tray

Trabasack Curve – A Carry Anywhere Food Tray Trabasack – an excellent idea! Its stability still amazes me (I can carry a cup of tea!) … people ask me about it, it is outstanding! Happy customer, Alan What a brilliant product! I bought my Trabasack to use mainly when out and about on my mobility […]

Image of an elderly gentleman sat in a wheelchair resting a cup upon the tray surface of his Trabasack curve

USA info – Curve Wheelchair Tray

Trabasack Curve: A safe, accessible and stylish alternative to traditional wheelchair trays.   Free US Delivery – Pay in $USD option     Built-in to one side of the Curve you will find a durable, firm lap tray surface which is kept perfectly balanced and steady due to the internal, removable bean bag inserts. The […]

An elderly gentleman sits in a high-back chair, eating lunch using the Trabasack Curve as a lap tray

Bean Bag Laptray

Functional and Attractive – Innovative Bag and Tray Combo My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months. It’s the best tray I’ve ever had. I use it multiple times a day every day. Thank you for sharing it with USA, it’s such a blessing! Happy customer, Jodi I thought “What a […]