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trabasack curve with a plate of food ready for dining

Best Lap Trays for Eating

Why Trabasacks are the Best Lap Trays for Eating Imagine the convenience of enjoying your breakfast in bed, a snack on the sofa, or dinner in front of the TV without the hassle of unstable surfaces or spills. This is where Trabasack comes into play, redefining the traditional lap tray and setting new standards for […]

Discover the perfect wheelchair bag text and image of young man using a trabasack and giving a thumbs up

Best Wheelchair Bag – what will work best for you?

Introduction: Finding the Best Wheelchair Bag Choosing the right bag for your wheelchair is more than essential. This article guides you through the quest to find the best wheelchair bag, comparing top choices on key features. For wheelchair users, it’s important to have a bag designed to meet your unique needs, rather than using a […]


Trabasack Goes Purple: Launching the NEW Trabasack Curve

The original Trabasack Curve has only ever been available in classic black but in 2017 we’re changing this. For the first time ever our original Trabasack Curve is going to be available with a coloured trim and we’re starting with purple, a colour which we know means a lot to many in the disability community. […]

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