Trabasack Goes Purple: Launching the NEW Trabasack Curve

The original Trabasack Curve has only ever been available in classic black but in 2017 we’re changing this. For the first time ever our original Trabasack Curve is going to be available with a coloured trim and we’re starting with purple, a colour which we know means a lot to many in the disability community. Here’s an early sneak peak of our new design:

Why Purple?

Trabasack Curve in PurpleThe Trabasack Curve is an award-winning travel bag and lap desk which has always been one of our most popular products. We have only ever offered it in simple black but our customers have told us they want the Curve with more colour and so here we are, offering it in purple and this is just the start.

Purple seemed the perfect colour to start with because of its popularity in the disability community. It is a favoured colour for many charities and activists, including The Epilepsy Society which is particularly close to our hearts at Trabasack. We have discussed why we support and raise awareness of Purple Day and we also know that purple is the favoured colour of the Lymphoma Association, the Stroke Association and even a charity in its own right, dedicated to improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

With so many organisations loving purple, it seemed like the perfect colour to start with for our first coloured Trabasack Curve.

Your New Purple Trabasack Curve

Interior view of the purple trim Trabasack Curve with instruction pamphletThe Trabasack Curve in purple will have all the same fantastic features as the original design. It combines a spacious bag compartment and handy, sturdy lap tray. Ergonomically designed to fit snugly against the contours of the body whilst attached comfortable around the waist, the Trabasack Curve is well-balanced for eating, drinking, working, reading, gaming or practically anything you like from your lap. A removable bean bag cushion helps keep the tray level and adds comfort as it is positioned on the lap.

Both short and long straps are provided so it can be carried however works for you, on the back of a wheelchair, on the back like a rucksack or even as a messenger bag. Hardwearing durable fabrics ensure it stands the test of time and the purple trim adds brightness and makes the classic design even more eye-catching.

We really hope our customers love the colour option and there’s nothing to say we won’t consider adding more if it’s popular. Please comment below if you’d like to see another colour added!