Trabasack Ipad Holder

Image of an iPad being held upright using the Trabasack Media Mount and Curve Connect bagThe Trabasack Media Mount is an innovative and multi-use accessory to compliment our range of Connect lapdesk bags. Designed to be used with any tablet computer on the market, the Media Mount is a flexible, adjustable iPad stand that can be shaped to perfectly secure your iPad or other tablet computer at whatever angle you desire.

The Media Mount is made from Velcro receptive fabric and also features a Velcro strip along one side, which allows you to twist it in to any shape needed to ensure your iPad A birds eye view of the Trabasack Curve Connect with a twisted and shaped Media Mount attached to the topremains sturdy and steady in the exact position needed for comfortable and easy use.

Simply twist and wrap the Media Mount around your tablet computer and then attach to the fabric side of the Connect lapdesk bag – the Velcro strip will firmly affix to the tray surface, providing a safe and stable work area.

Image of an iPad tablet being held upright on top of a Trabasack Curve Connect lapdesk bagThe Trabasack iPad Media Mount is ideal for a multitude of uses and situations, whether out and about or relaxing at home, the ingenious design allows you create the perfect angle for working or playing on your tablet computer without having to rely on bulky stands or stands that restrict you to only one work angle.

An image of a pair of hands shaping the Media Mount