Using the Trabasack Media Mount with Toys

Our new and innovative Media Mount is a fantastic addition to our range of Curve Connect play trays. The Media Mount is a fully-adjustable, flexible mounting device made from a Velcro receptive Image of a pair of hands freely twisting and shaping the Trabasack Media Mountmaterial, and also includes a Velcro strip along one side. The Media Mount can be twisted and shaped to fit around all types of toys and children’s accessories to keep them steady and upright, and when used in combination with the Trabasack Curve Connect, can then be attached to the play tray surface to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your little one.


Image showing a wooden toy with bells, attached upright on a Curve Connect play tray using the Media MountThe Media Mount can be used to attach a whole range of different types of toys to the Connect Curve play tray, from traditional, educational toys, teddies and books, to modern electronic equipment such as iPads and hand-held games. consoles.

Image of an iPad being supported by a Media Mount on top of the Trabsasack Curve ConnectThe practicality of the Media Mount means that you can provide your child with a safe and steady play experience no matter what the location, without fear of toys falling off and breaking, getting lost or tippling over. This is ideal for more expensive play items such as iPads and tablet computers, as the Media Mount holds the iPad snug and secure, even whilst on the go.

If you use the Trabasack Curve Connect as a car seat tray, the Media Mount again lends itself perfectly to allowing your child to remain entertained and happy whilst on long journeys, with the innovative design ensuring everything from iPads, to toys and cups stay upright and usable whilst in transit.


Image of a child playing with a brightly coloured toy, which is mounted to the top of a Curve Connect using the Media Mount