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Mike using a trabasack Max lap tray in bed

Wheelchair Trays and Occupational Therapy

Enhancing Independence and Function: The Role of Wheelchair Trays in Occupational Therapy Introduction Imagine the everyday challenges faced by individuals with mobility impairments. Picture Jane, a vibrant artist and teacher, who navigates life from her wheelchair. Despite her creativity and drive, certain tasks, like managing her art materials while teaching, used to be a struggle. […]

Discover the perfect wheelchair bag text and image of young man using a trabasack and giving a thumbs up

Best Wheelchair Bag – what will work best for you?

Introduction: Finding the Best Wheelchair Bag Choosing the right bag for your wheelchair is more than essential. This article guides you through the quest to find the best wheelchair bag, comparing top choices on key features. For wheelchair users, it’s important to have a bag designed to meet your unique needs, rather than using a […]

Mike using a trabasack Max lap tray in bed

Trabasack: The Ultimate Lap Tray for Wheelchair Users

Mike reviews the Trabasack, the most Accessible Lap Tray for Wheelchair Users In this article, we introduce Mike Nevin who has been using trabasacks for many years and explore the benefits of Trabasack lap trays designed specifically for wheelchair users, providing a convenient and accessible solution for dining and computing: Hitchhikers’ Guide to a Tray: […]


XAC tray and switch mount

What are the options for using a trabasack as a tray or mount for your Xbox Adaptive Controller? The XAC is not handheld so you need a comfortable and secure tray for using it on your lap. Who wants a ‘granny laptray’ with the coolest new controller on the market, so what you need is […]

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